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Axinom CMS allows you to manage digital assets and digital experiences to provide more engaging relevant content across all forms of digital media.

Axinom’s award-winning content management system Axinom CMS enables media companies to manage, convert and distribute digital assets and meta data in the cloud and on-premise while reducing maintenance costs for on-demand and live scenarios. 

An end-to-end digital workflow breaks down the barriers between production teams and business units, and lets everyone share a common technology infrastructure. It provides a powerful tool for optimizing complex media production environments and eliminating slow, manual processes. Users across an organization can manage, store, and access products, images, videos, magazines, e-books, documents, audio clips, and rich media.

Axinom CMS is a reliable, scalable and future-proof solution that combines latest technologies with business strategies and adapts to customers' changing needs. It is built as a workflow-based engine for managing, protecting and delivering premium content across desktops, mobile devices, and the digital home.

Customers benefit from the advantage of highest flexibility - in terms of workflows and functionalities as well as in terms of user interface. Solutions based on Axinom CMS are built to suit each customer's specific requirements best.

As a Hollywood studio approved solution, Axinom allows customers to extend audience reach and enable a broad set of business models, including rentals, subscriptions, and download, all directly and through syndication and distribution partners.

As a technology base for more than 500 media projects in past 10 years, Axinom CMS supports today more than 100 partner companies worldwide.

“With Axinom’s OTT portfolio we provide our customer base with an out-of-the-box solution for the entire workflow, from video acquisition right down to the delivery to various devices. The simplicity and efficiency of our OTT portfolio enables media companies to add live and on-demand video streaming to their services, increasing the audience for their content, and their opportunities for monetizing their connected viewers.“

Damir Tomicic, CEO, Axinom


Axinom CMS supports all common OTT and Pay TV business models for media companies and operators:

  • Online and offline playback
  • Streaming and download
  • Pay per view and subscriptions
  • Purchase and rental
  • Ad-based


Axinom's capabilities are modular and interoperable with third-party publishing, monetization and optimization technologies.

By building on top of Axinom, customers can continue to leverage existing broadcast, cable and satellite workflows and infrastructure, and deploy additional Axinom components as their business needs evolve.


Axinom CMS is designed to deliver Premium content in the best possible way to all platforms. We focus on an engaging, personalized viewing experience on every device and desktop.

Managing digital assets with Axinom CMS allows you to provide your audience with highest quality and reliability.

We want to make sure that your valuable content is protected with highest security and playable in highest quality. That's why Axinom CMS supports Axinom DRM out-of-the-box and is tightly interoperable with Axinom Apps for all kinds of platforms and devices including desktops, mobiles, tablets, game consoles and TVs.


Axinom's portfolio includes support for process of capturing, transferring, or otherwise importing different types of video, audio, or image media both in live and on-demand scenario. Our Axinom CMS supports industry standards for secure ingest on-premise and in the cloud. Additionally through the API we support integration with leading ingest tools and services like Aspera.


With the multitude of devices with which videos are consumed, it is easy to lose customers who are not able to get a good quality of experience on their devices. Axinom's portfolio provides tools and API for standards-based next generation of encoding techniques (e.g. MPEG DASH, HEVC / H.265).

Our strategic partnerships with industry leading providers such as iStreamPlanet, Microsoft, Amazon, ROVI and Harmonic allows us to deliver best video quality and performance for all kinds of devices.


Strategic partnerships with Cloud providers (Microsoft Windows Azure and Amazon AWS) and Content Delivery Networks (Akamai, Level3, Windows Azure CDN, and Limelight) securest highest flexibility, scalability and quality for Axinom solutions.


Axinom's portfolio includes a number of tools to help broadcasters, operators and media companies build more engaged audiences and monetize video with personalized, interactive experiences for every screen.

We have strategic partnerships with solutions providers Ooyala and ROVI and integrated support for tracking tools like Conviva and Adobe Omniture.


Axinom's media scenario provides a variety of advertising possibilites supporting industry standard VAST 3.0 specification.

Strategic partnerships with Smartclip and Microsoft Advertising allows customers to receive an out-of-the-box advertising solution for their OTT projects.



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